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We clean your life of all dirty stuff. We are one of the leading cleaning companies famous for our green cleaning in dhaka. We do not use low quality or toxic cleaning products. We always use green and eco-friendly products that do not harm the people, animals, and the environment.

Total Cleaning Service BD is committed to providing the courteous, experienced, and trained personnel at an affordable price. You can contact us for full-time and part-time cleaners in Dhaka. If you are looking for an extraordinary company, then please call us get in touch with us.

We specialize in home, office, and other places cleaning. At Total Cleaning Service BD, we understand that cleaning is a sacred obligation for all of us. No matter where we work of live, it is important for us to keep that place clean. At the same time, we realize that how busy your life is.

Leaving home or apartment early in the morning and reaching back in the evening is a tough schedule. The life in Dhaka is busy and fun at the same time. If you do not enjoy cleaning your place, we have got you covered. We will do anything cleaning for you.

There is a strong relationship between sanitation and disease. The world is getting polluted and toxic day by day. That is why we hear about new diseases every day. It is the need of the hour to stop doing harmful acts to the environment.

How will our next generation deal with the harm we are doing to the world? Creating a positive impact on the quality of life is our top priority. We not only think of the near future of the customers, but also their next generation by making our services eco-friendly.

We want to clean everything around you to keep you safe from any possible health risk. Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not use low standard and toxic cleaning products. We use the green products that are safe and non-toxic.

Research shows that living in a healthy environment is of utmost importance for us to do well in our lives. That’s why the clean environment has fewer amounts of harms and distractions which enables us to focus on our goals. The more we concentrate, the better we perform a task.

We are in the business of making lives healthier. We aim at making your place clean, healthy, and hygienic. We have got huge experience in finding the right workers for this noble cause. We are working for the excellence in cleaning services in Dhaka. If you are ready to make your house, office, etc. worth living, you need to contact us now.